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What is XE88 APK Malaysia?

XE88 – Better than 918Kiss, Puss888, Scr888! 🥇 This is the new casino platform for you to play anytime and win big! Ultimate win, Big win, Ultra Big Win and more we have it all! Favourite and popular games like Monkey Thunderbolt, Fortune Panda, Alice, Table games, Fish games and more are here!

The best casino in Malaysia is finally here and all players are loving it because it has the best bonuses and it is easy to bring with them.

Genting Highlands SkyCasino is where everyone wants to gamble! XE88 makes you feel like you are right in Genting playing the best casinos ever! This secure and safe application makes it easy for you to play wherever and whenever you want with all these great bonuses it is hard for you to lose!

Where to download XE88?

Get the app from our trusted download page and install it to your device! Make sure to select the right device version.

We have support for all devices, android, ios and pc⚡. Install and get ready to earn money with big wins! 

How to register for XE88?

Signup or register with us here through wechat, whatsapp or telegram to contact our casino agents and get professional help to start your account. Change your password for your first time log in to secure your account properly and then you can play as much as you want.

How to withdraw at XE88?

Contact your agent and tell them you want to make a withdraw or cuci. Tell them the amount and provide them with your account screenshot to show them proof and they will make a transfer to your online banking account, easy as that. We support all online banking in Malaysia!

Daily bonus tasks and games! – Daily bonus every day is offered to you to get or complete and earn more cash than before! This feature is the best and no other game has it! Only at XE88!

Daily social bingo feature! – Another unique feature of XE88 apk! Everyday there is daily free bingo sessions for everyone to play and win. This bingo session is free to play and helps you get more prizes!

Stars for your random spins everyday! – Get free stars every day to play the Lucky Wheel or the Mystery Box to earn Random rewards! This special feature is for you to try out every day and win random rewards for your account in XE88.

XE88 APK iOS Installation Guide and Account Registration/Login

Step 1: Enable Trust for the Developer

  1. Open Settings: On your iOS device, go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to General: Scroll down and tap on General.
  3. Profile & Device Management: Scroll down and tap on Profile & Device Management.
  4. Trust the App Developer: Find the developer profile associated with the XE88 app. Tap on the developer’s name and then tap Trust.

Step 2: Download and Install XE88 APK

  1. Download the XE88 APK: Open Safari on your iOS device and visit a trusted source for the XE88 APK download. Ensure the website is secure to avoid downloading malicious software.
  2. Install the APK: Once the download is complete, a prompt will appear asking for installation permission. Tap Install.

Step 3: Open XE88 and Register/Login

  1. Launch XE88: After the installation is complete, find the XE88 app on your home screen and tap to open it.
  2. Create a New Account:
    • Register: On the login screen, tap on Register.
    • Fill in Details: Provide the necessary information, such as your username, password, email, and any other required fields.
    • Submit: Once all fields are filled, tap Submit to create your account.
  3. Login to Your Account:
    • Enter Credentials: On the login screen, enter your registered username and password.
    • Login: Tap Login to access your XE88 account.

Step 4: Enjoy the Games

Once you are logged in, you can start exploring and enjoying the various games available on XE88. Remember to play responsibly.

Additional Tips:

  • Stay Updated: Regularly check for updates to the XE88 app to ensure you have the latest features and security improvements.
  • Secure Your Account: Use a strong password and avoid sharing your login details with others to keep your account secure.
  • Customer Support: If you encounter any issues during the installation or registration process, reach out to XE88 customer support for assistance.

XE88 iOS App Installation and Usage FAQ

1. What is XE88?

XE88 is a popular online casino app offering a variety of slot games, table games, and other casino entertainment for mobile devices.

2. How do I download the XE88 APK on my iOS device?

To download the XE88 APK on your iOS device, follow these steps:

  • Visit a trusted source using Safari and download the XE88 APK file.
  • Follow the installation steps as outlined in our installation guide above.

3. Is XE88 available on the App Store?

No, XE88 is not available on the App Store. You need to download and install the APK file from a trusted source.

4. How do I trust the developer on my iOS device?

Go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management, find the developer profile associated with the XE88 app, and tap Trust.

5. How do I create an XE88 account?

Open the XE88 app, tap on Register, fill in the required details, and submit the form to create a new account.

6. How do I log in to my XE88 account?

Open the XE88 app, enter your username and password on the login screen, and tap Login.

7. I forgot my XE88 password. What should I do?

If you forgot your password, tap on the Forgot Password link on the login screen and follow the instructions to reset your password.

8. Can I play XE88 on multiple devices?

Yes, you can log in to your XE88 account on multiple devices, but you cannot play on multiple devices simultaneously.

9. Is it safe to download and install XE88?

Ensure you download the APK from a trusted source to avoid malware or other security issues. Always keep your app and device software updated.

10. What should I do if the XE88 app crashes or won't open?

Try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure your device software is up to date.
  • Check for any available updates for the XE88 app.
  • Restart your device and try opening the app again.
  • If the problem persists, reinstall the app.

11. How do I contact XE88 customer support?

Most XE88 apps have a customer support section within the app. You can typically find contact options such as live chat, email, or a support hotline.

12. Are there any region restrictions for XE88?

Yes, some regions may have restrictions on accessing or using online casino apps like XE88. Check the legal status and availability of XE88 in your region.

13. How can I deposit or withdraw money from my XE88 account?

XE88 provides various payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. You can find these options within the app’s banking or cashier section. Follow the instructions provided for each payment method.

14. Is there a minimum age requirement to use XE88?

Yes, you must be of legal gambling age in your jurisdiction, typically 18 or 21 years old, to use XE88.

15. Can I set limits on my XE88 account?

Yes, responsible gambling features like deposit limits, loss limits, and self-exclusion are often available. Check the app’s settings or contact customer support for assistance.


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