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[The All-New Crossover System] Real Money Baccarat Strategy To Win While Playing Every Hand  


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11/07/2019 5:56 pm  

The All-New, Crossover Baccarat Betting Strategy. I love this system for grinding and making up to $200 per hour. The best part about this system is that you don't have to worry about streaks of 5 or more which previously stopped us from playing. You simply come into the shoe, and do this: 1. Wait for the first inversion, then bet 2 units and follow Stairway to Heaven betting system until you win. 2. Then you simply Base Read (bet opposite of winning side) until you get your next Inversion. Don't play if there are 2 decks left in the shoe. And set a win-stop and bounce when you hit it. Also, set your stop-loss and leave when it's met as well. NEW SUBSCRIBERS, please hit that Red Button and turn on notifications to get more great videos like this, and BIG SHOUT OUT to all my Original Fam subs and new fam that's arrived, lately. BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE SUBS COMING IN, PLEASE LIKE OUR VIDEOS AND SHOW YOUR LOVE. WE THANK YOU ALL!!! GIVE THE VIDEO A THUMBS UP AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!

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